Thinking Skills

The Education of the Heart - New!
Article #4
In this and subsequent articles I would like to home in more precisely on what the rich Islamic tradition tells us about those faculties of learning and understanding that have become devalued in modern education.

Key Elements of Holistic Education
Article #3
I believe that all young people, whether Muslim or not, can derive much from a concept of humane education typical of the best liberal arts programs, which integrate higher-order cognitive activity into a holistic context.

Thinking Outside the Box
Article #2
...through the awakening and nurturing of the full range of human capacities in young people, Muslims can not only transform education in the Muslim world but, through engaging positively and sensitively with mainstream educators in other traditions, can also make a real contribution to the revival of a truly holistic educational experience within any education system in the wider world.

Thinking Skills
Article #1
Western education systems emphasize "thinking skills" either as a program or as a strand ideally woven into all subject areas. In Britain, for example, one factor behind the emphasis is a concern that the national curriculum has abandoned the philosophy and practice of holistic education and is dominated by a narrow concept of "schooling" geared to uninspiring utilitarian objectives. Prime Minister Tony Blair says that it is the provision of a "workforce" to drive forward national economic performance, the top priority in his vision of education.
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