Beyond the Tower of Babel
Beyond The Tower of Babel: A Linguistic Approach to Clarifying Key Concepts in Islamic Pluralism
by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas

Keynote address: Conference on Citizenship, Security and Democracy, Istanbul, 1-3 September 2006

I am sure most of us know some version of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel from the Book of Genesis and even those of us who do not may be familiar with the metaphorical application of the word 'Babel' to denote a confused medley of sounds or the din of mutually incomprehensible speech...
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Going Beyond Thinking Skills: Reviving an Understanding of Higher Human Faculties
This paper explores the vital need for a revival of an understanding of the nature and extent of higher human cognitive faculties at a time of profound educational crisis when the dominance of a narrow utilitarian concept of schooling for the workplace is bound up with a pervasive failure to awaken and nourish such higher faculties in young people. (by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas, IACEP Conference, University of Durham, England, July 2005)
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Series of articles in Contemporary Issues in Education Forum
Educational Implications of Verses from the Qur'an and Sayings of the Prophet. Posted in the Contemporary Issues in Education forum.

Mythical Meaning, Religion and Soulful Education: Reviving the Original Sense of Intellect
NEW ARTICLE Mythical Meaning, Religion and Soulful Education: Reviving the Original Sense of Intellect by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas (Reasons of the Heart Conference, Edinburgh, 2004)
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Passing Between the Clashing Rocks: The Heroic Quest for a Common and Inclusive Identity
The paper is a revised version of a paper entitled “Identity and Dialogue: Spiritual Roots and Educational Needs” first presented at the 10th International Conference on Education, Spirituality and the Whole Child (Faith, Feeling and Identity) at the University of Surrey Roehampton, UK, 26-28 June 2003.
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Excellence in Islamic Education: Key Issues for the Present Time
Dr. Jeremy Henzell-Thomas, co-Director of the Education Project, has written a major discussion document for a Working Group which has drawn together the key players in Islamic education in the UK. This paper elaborates some of the founding principles of the Book Foundation Education Project.
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What Is a Human Being? The Structure of the Self: A Quranic Spiritual Psychology
Kabir Helminski, co-Director of the Education Project, writes about the education of the soul -- our essential self.
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The Unique Opportunities and Challenges of Western Muslims in the 21st Century
Dr. James Morris discusses his view of the unique opportunities and challenges for western Muslims, in the quest to fulfill the central role of Community in a western setting.
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